Alpha Delays

version cahnges

Delays in Alpha Testing:

Im glad that its happening now. Things are looking clunkier than I would like. Alpha V.5 was just finished a few days ago, and micromanaging characters is still difficult, for new and moderate players. The rule book and character books have been postponed since the release of Alpha 5.

Alpha 6 will be on its way when I get back out of the field on the 16th, and I am stoked!!

Things in Alpha 6!
– No more passive abilities
– No Brine regeneration
– Charge attacks (thats when some one can move and attack with the same action).

All of these improvements are there to remove clutter. A lot of payers were dancing around combat, due to the fact initiating fights was always a disadvantage. Charge attacks are going to help improve the speed of the game. Additionally, characters will soon have a stand attack damage of 5 rather than D6-1.

No more dodge, dodge chances were becoming game changers and removing strategy from the game and making it more about luck, in Alpha 6 characters will have damage reductions depending on how tanky they are.

Again if you want to join in on Alpha testing and live in ID email ( me or message my facebook. Or if you want to be on the list as a Beta tester and have a wide group of friends to test with, message me as well!