Beta updates

Hey Testers! I am heading for the field and just wanted to get you updated before I go. I had to start the rulebook over and it is 1/2 done for Beta V1. I am stoked to come back and get crankin’ on those boards!

If anyone who is interested still hasn’t messaged me, please contact me at I’ve gotten several responses and I am planning on sending five boards out grin emoticon

I’ll see you guys in two weeks and thanks for contacting me!

Cpt Crow facebook
Here’s a pic before I go.

Looking for Test Groups

Forlorn needs Beta testing groups!

I am looking for groups of people who would be willing to play forlorn a decent amount and ship me thoughts and stats to balance the game!

I will be posting character balances and updates here and on the website which you can change on the character cards with sharpies etc.

If you have a group of friends and are interested in being shipped a home made board set to play and test, email me at!


Beta Testing!

Beta testing went awesome!!! Someone that worked at “all about games”, (possibly the owner) offered to hang up a poster in their shop to recruit more beta testers! The night was a blast and the games were super fun and lots of strangers asked about the game! going back again to play more! Here’s a photo, check out more in the photo gallery here