Thinking Inside the Box

Hey Forlorn Ones,

I just have a small update for you guys, mostly because I enjoy posting updates :D.  I have been researching and I am trying to get artwork printed on the inside of the box.  Forlorn is a game with a lot to discover, and I want to reward gamers with this notion by putting matte black and white illustrations on the inside of the box.

This is showing that the more you pick at the game, the more there is to discover.  From the amount of characters, to ‘a dead mans entries’ on the website, to all of the character back stories, to team combinations and different game modes.

The muscle/water image will be on the inside bottom of the box.  The crooked sky image will be on the underside of the lid of the box.  enjoy :D.


The Game Begins

Hey Forlorniers,

Forlorn was successful!  I know I know, It’s crazy!  We had a brutal campaign over the month of April with insane BGG take over days and a set of 187 incredible backers Including Joe Baraga and Martin who will become permanent Islanders trapped upon the Guede.

So thank you everyone for all of the amazing support and feedback.  I took a four day break after the campaign and now I am back at it.  At this point I am formatting and proof reading all of Forlorn to make sure that it is ready to print.

Now, ‘THE BIG NEWS’, and some of you are going to like this… I am still going to try to get plastic sliders :}.  They won’t be custom sliders unfortunately but expect some polls in the days to come to vote on your favorite sliders. 😀

Here we go guys!