Islander Dump 2/2

Hey there Forlorninanigans,

This is the final Islander dump!  This means that tomorrow (Friday) I will be talking to the Shenzen Senfutong paper company to place an order for the first sample production box.  (I know, it’s crazy :D)

Well, without further adieu, here they are!

Joseph is a hunter brawler character.  He has two loaded musket shots that are crammed full of gravel and rocks. When Joe fires his wicked pistols they spray a small group in a deadly rain.  Thank you so much Joe for contributing, and welcome to the Guédé.

Cpt. Lacey is the first female Captain to was ashore the archipelago. Cpt. Lacey is a mobility captain, that can trade places with allies, to set up traps, or escape danger.  Cpt. Lacey is my mother and I thank you for all of the support!

Thank you for staying tuned everyone, I can’t wait to show you the sample box!


Islander Dump 1/2

Hey Forlornonians,

Here is the first of two character Dumps:

Martin, who requested to be portrayed as a “creepy surgeon” will enter the islands with a 1 brine ability with 2 options.  He is a high speed disabler, beware him running to pools for more brine.

Jen, is here as a thank you token to play testing so damn much with me.  Jen has her companion Marlow, who acts as a minion.  Notice she has no brine but an additional health bar for Marlow.

Cpt. Lacey and Joe are coming soon!  After that, the first pre-print sample box shall be ordered!!!!!

Thanks again everyone!