Production Samples

Hey Forlornornites,
I got those production Samples in this week and wanted to show them off. Thanks again to Martin, Cpt. Lacey, Joseph, Jen and all the backers, you’ll see the new characters in the video!

The game board is the same finish and material as the box.

Here’s those materials again for the game:

– 1 – 24x28in (711x610mm) Hexagonal Playing Board. 250 gsm art paper laminated on 2mm grayboard (600gsm) 4C lamination

– 32 – 5.4in x 3.5in (137x 90mm) Islander cards on 300gsm C2S art paper with 4C/1C varnish on both sides

– 12 – 2.65n x 3.5in (67x 90mm) Sailor cards on 300gsm C2S art paper with 4C/1C varnish on both sides

– 1 – 16 page full color rule book on gloss letter paper

– 88 – 0.9in (23mm) hexagonal tiles on 250 gsm cardstock + 600 gsm gray board (1.6mm thickness) matte finish

– 1 – 87mm x 25mm diameter 3 minute hourglass with black caps

Again I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting this game!



Hey Forlornonians,

I apologize for the radio Silence,  I just talked to Shenzen and they have just bent the stamps to cut out the pieces for Forlorn.  They say that It will be around 14 days to stamp out the sample boxes due to a queue and then they’ll be shipping 4 samples over.  I’m ecstatic at the moment and I can’t wait to show you all the unveiling when they arrive.


Simon Lacey

Islander Dump 2/2

Hey there Forlorninanigans,

This is the final Islander dump!  This means that tomorrow (Friday) I will be talking to the Shenzen Senfutong paper company to place an order for the first sample production box.  (I know, it’s crazy :D)

Well, without further adieu, here they are!

Joseph is a hunter brawler character.  He has two loaded musket shots that are crammed full of gravel and rocks. When Joe fires his wicked pistols they spray a small group in a deadly rain.  Thank you so much Joe for contributing, and welcome to the Guédé.

Cpt. Lacey is the first female Captain to was ashore the archipelago. Cpt. Lacey is a mobility captain, that can trade places with allies, to set up traps, or escape danger.  Cpt. Lacey is my mother and I thank you for all of the support!

Thank you for staying tuned everyone, I can’t wait to show you the sample box!


Islander Dump 1/2

Hey Forlornonians,

Here is the first of two character Dumps:

Martin, who requested to be portrayed as a “creepy surgeon” will enter the islands with a 1 brine ability with 2 options.  He is a high speed disabler, beware him running to pools for more brine.

Jen, is here as a thank you token to play testing so damn much with me.  Jen has her companion Marlow, who acts as a minion.  Notice she has no brine but an additional health bar for Marlow.

Cpt. Lacey and Joe are coming soon!  After that, the first pre-print sample box shall be ordered!!!!!

Thanks again everyone!


Thinking Inside the Box

Hey Forlorn Ones,

I just have a small update for you guys, mostly because I enjoy posting updates :D.  I have been researching and I am trying to get artwork printed on the inside of the box.  Forlorn is a game with a lot to discover, and I want to reward gamers with this notion by putting matte black and white illustrations on the inside of the box.

This is showing that the more you pick at the game, the more there is to discover.  From the amount of characters, to ‘a dead mans entries’ on the website, to all of the character back stories, to team combinations and different game modes.

The muscle/water image will be on the inside bottom of the box.  The crooked sky image will be on the underside of the lid of the box.  enjoy :D.


The Game Begins

Hey Forlorniers,

Forlorn was successful!  I know I know, It’s crazy!  We had a brutal campaign over the month of April with insane BGG take over days and a set of 187 incredible backers Including Joe Baraga and Martin who will become permanent Islanders trapped upon the Guede.

So thank you everyone for all of the amazing support and feedback.  I took a four day break after the campaign and now I am back at it.  At this point I am formatting and proof reading all of Forlorn to make sure that it is ready to print.

Now, ‘THE BIG NEWS’, and some of you are going to like this… I am still going to try to get plastic sliders :}.  They won’t be custom sliders unfortunately but expect some polls in the days to come to vote on your favorite sliders. 😀

Here we go guys!