Capture the Flagon


-2 player – 3 islanders, 3 sailors on the river
-3 player – 3 islanders, 3 sailors on the pond
-4 player: 2 teams – 3 islanders, 3 sailors per player on the river. Zig-zag turns between the two teams (two players on the same team do not play consecutively).
-4 player: free for all  (a.k.a. the hot mess) – 3 islanders, 3 sailor characters on the river.  Pick spawn locations before islanders.

OBJECTIVE – The first team to steal a flagon and return it to their base wins the game objective, and ends the game!



BASES – Bases indicates where your team’s flagon spawns and is and where you return an enemy flagon to win the game.




SPAWNS – Spawns are where islanders are placed at the beginning of the game.



FLAGONS – You cannot move your own team’s flagon.  If you are adjacent to an opponent’s flagon, it takes one action to grab the flagon.  This places the flagon token on top of the islander’s tile.

Placing a flagon on the ground or placing it on your base (to win the game) takes one action. You can only place the flagon on adjacent tiles. You can hand off a flagon to an adjacent islander for one action by placing the flagon over their tile. A islander cannot grab a flagon from the flagon carrier.

If a islander holding a flagon dies, the flagon drops where that islander died.

Your base can be blocked if someone is standing on top of you base.  Your base must be clear or have a flagon on it for you to be able to score a flagon.