Cpt. Cacao – The Chocolatey

Cpt. Crane – The Salty

Cpt. Crow -The Bloody

Cpt. Kingfisher – The Crafty


Beren – The Seiger

Berry – The Bear

Brad – The Hunter

Craig – The Cannibal

Cryol – the Blood Witch

Drew – The Catalyst

Fenton – The Archer

Flint – The Marksman

Frederick – The Big Boy

Gavve – The Scout

Gonzo – The Psycho Clown

Grayson – The Trapper

Harrison – The Diver

Huetter – The Leech

Jovan – The Berzerker

Kim – The Gravel Rake

Manerva – The Swamp Witch

Marcus – The Magnificent

Nell – The Tunneler

Raan- The Silver Witch

Sam – The Smoker

Simon – The Wild Card

Skull Paul – The Witch Doctor

Tarlin – The Crafter

Tidepool – The Growth

Wolfgang – The Steam Tank

Zera – The Dead Witch

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