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Kim copy

“Ti eínai aftó malakíes?

Kim was born in a cliff side villa in the Cyclades.  As a young girl Kim ran up and down the hill side chasing sea birds and playing with her sisters and the few other children on her small Island.  Her parents were wealthy sheep farmers and had a small fleet of fishing vessels.  Kim led a privileged life and was privately tutored with her 7 other siblings from home.

Kim loved the greek gods growing up and was obsessed with Athena and the stories of old famous female warriors.  When Kim was 14 she heard that Greece was going to be hosting a honorary Olympic Games.  Kim trained and trained, running and running all over the Island and driving her parents, friends and siblings crazy.  When Kim was 18 she entered into the Olympics for the 1500 meter run and wrestling.  She placed 4th in running and 6th in wrestling.

Kim was somewhat disappointed in her performance despite all of the incredible praise from her friends and family.  She returned home sullen.  Kim trained brutally hard, for the second Olympic games.  Two months before the second games, she took a boat wishing her family farewell and set sail for Paris.

Kim wanted to Travel and see parts of Europe and England before she arrived at the games and took a extended boat trip out of the Mediterranean.  The ship, a small barge, was swept out to sea in a furious rip tide.  Kim was lost at sea for three months before the barge exploded onto the shoals of a small archipelago in the Western Atlantic.

Nimble – Kim treats obstructed terrain as open terrain when moving

Due to Kim’s beastly strong thighs she treats obstructed terrain as open terrain.  This combined with her 4/4 charge leaves a lot of safe areas open for attack from this young Olympian.