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Beren copy

“I rock…..   huh!”

Beren live on beach. lots of tasty little friends also live on beach. Beren love beach. one day bad men come to Beren home. they say not nice things to him. call him “freak” call him “scary”. bad men make loud noises that hurt Beren. Beren get mad. Beren get angry. Beren get friend. friend big rock. Beren smash bad men with big rock. bad men stop saying mean things. they no hurt no more. bad men have fun toy. fun toy throw rocks even further then Beren. fun toy now Beren’s. one day more bad men come to Beren home. fun toy says hi them with lots of friend rocks. bad men not come by no more.

PULL! – 9 tile, range 4 damage, SMALL BLAST

Beren uses 2 of his actions to assemble his trebuchet and fires a spray of rocks at his target.  Beren chooses a target tile space (occupied or not) 9 tiles away and places a small blast token over it.  All islanders completely covered by the blast token take 4 damage, all partially covered islanders take 2 damage.  Due to Beren’s intricate knowledge of the Guédé , no line of sight is required.

Additionally, because the trebuchet is an artillery weapon, range is not reduced while firing over gravel.