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Berry copy


Berry grew up as a young cub in France eating berries and chasing small creatures around the woods…

She was captured in the Ardennes by a traveling circus troupe, and was raised by a twisted clown known as Gonzo.  Berry was beaten into submission by her captor and trained in the ways of the circus and the ways of pain.  Forced to wear a humiliating tutu and balance on tight ropes, the crowds of the circus cheered as Berry’s anger at the world and at all of mankind grew.  But the torture that had warped her mind had strengthened her body.  

Gonzo took Berry with him as he was fleeing the authorities once revelations of his atrocities became known.  After nights and days at sea the pair crashed onto the shores of the Guédé.  Waterlogged and exhausted upon the beach of an unfamiliar land, island has given an outlet to the rage of this frilly leviathan.

MAUL – 3 Damage attack removing 1 action

Berry swings hard aiming to wound.  She attacks an adjacent islander dealing 3 damage and decreasing that units actions by one for the next turn.  Berry has “-1 action” tiles you can place over the islanders tile to remember that she has been mauled (because she certainly remembers).  Berry can then finish her off or, have a friend come in and do the job.