Cpt. Cacao

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Cpt Cow copy

“Oopsy poopsy, I seem to have stained my lapel.”

Christopher Willington IV was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Lord Willington III and has loved chocolate since he was very young.  Christopher William was given his very own ship with 30 crew men at the young age of 16 and was dubbed Captain Cacao for his love of chocolate.  One night after falling asleep from a serious chocolate eating binge, Captain Cacao steered a ship into a reef killing half of his crew.  Tirelessly, his crew men saved Cacao and dragged him to shore.  Unfortunately they left his chocolate at the bottom of the Ocean. Cacao sent the men back out to the sea killing 12 more men to recover his chocolate supply.

Cpt. Cacao now lives on the Guédé island chain fighting for survival and sharing his chocolate once and a while.

BESTOWED – Heal an ally 2 health, 2 tile range

Cpt. Cacao gives a fellow fighter a piece of chocolate recovering two health, and making them happy.  Cacao is unfortunately immune to the healing power of the chocolate and eating it himself does nothing.

Cacao cannot heal an ally more than their maximum health.