Cpt. Crane

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cpt Crane copy

“The land ain’t no place ferr me.”

Cpt. Crane was born on a vessel that was traveling from England to the Americas.   When he was three his father built him a dingy to sail around the inlet near their house.  Crane went around the harbor number offering a cleaning service to boats as a young boy and enlisted his friends to scrape barnacles while he inspected the boats and took as many tips as he could from the captains.  

He was able to scrape together the funds to finance his own boat by the time he turned 16 and started to sail the seas himself, recruiting his friends to help out with odd jobs around the harbors.  Crane ended up spending entire years on a boat in the open waters and is now so sea hardened he gets land sick while on shore.

Captain Crane was fishing for lobsters when a storm caught him off guard.  The captain and his small vessel deftly maneuvered to land and safety; unfortunately the storm swept the boat away and crashed it onto the rocks.

Stranded on the Boom coast, Cpt. Crane strives to keep the sea strong in him and his men.

Bilge – Give one brine to ally, 4 tile range

Line of sight required

Cpt. Crane gives his men a foul scoop of briny water.