Cpt. Crow

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Cpt Crow copy

“I’ll use your guts for bootstraps”

Captain Crow was born in Scotland to a ruthless family of butchers.  Crow grew up skinning calves and small animals in the hills of Scotland.  Animals were not enough for Crow and he eventually recruited a gang to help coordinate attacks on rural villages.  He became a ruthless dictator of the hills of Scotland ruling from his hideout in a secret cave in the Highlands where he and his men stored their ill-gotten goods.  But Scotland became aware of Crow’s antics and put a bounty on his head.  

Crow took to the seas, raiding trading vessels and fisherman for loot.  Crow’s knowledge of the Highlands turned towards raiding small coastal villages he knew were unprotected other than by pitchfork.  Crow gathered up enough marauders to have a fleet of three sleek boats. 

He began to pay crooked dignitaries in England for knowledge of unprotected trade routes.  Upon hearing of a massive shipment coming up from America, Crow took to the high seas.  In the raid, one of his ships was damaged and he was forced to abandon it as the trading barge turned and accelerated for deeper water.

Crow was relentless in his pursuit, exchanging fire and trying to starve the men on the barge out.  In the middle of the night a high seas a storm swept Crow’s small vessels into land, smashing the boats to tinder.  Crow became another stranded member of the accursed islands, but thankfully still had his lucky pistols.

Dueling Pistols – 5 tile range, 3 damage shot, negates armor

Despite being stranded crow still has his favorite high velocity pistols: Matilda and Jezebel.  Crow can fire a shot up to 5 tiles into another islander dealing 3 damage.  These shots completely ignores armor, piercing straight to the flesh.