Cpt. Kingfisher

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Cpt Kingfisher copy

“Take the flank, think smart not hard…”

Kingfisher was raised in Nova Scotia Canada to a family of fishermen.  Growing up Kingfisher worked for trading rings on the streets of Halifax.  Kingfisher raised enough capital to buy a fishing vessel of his own when he was 17 years old.  

Kingfisher scrounged the docks to find dim-witted, burly men to do his work for him.  Eventually, Kingfisher had amassed a substantial fleet and expanded his territory down the east coast to Maine and Massachusetts.  Leading a trip down the treacherous coast Kingfisher was caught in a storm stranding him on a small island chain.

Several weeks later his journal was found and has been known as the “Entries From a Dead Man“,  one of Boston’s unsolved and more mysterious cases.

CALL TO ARMS – Give an ally +1 action this turn 2 tile range

Cpt. Kingfisher blows his trumpet instilling vigor in his troops.  Motivated by the call a single islander gains an additional action this turn.  This ability can exceed the islander’s maximum actions.

Line of sight is required.