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Fenton copy

“I bet’ya I can knick the ballocks off ’em from ‘eer”

Fenton was born and raised in the forests of northern England.  His father was a homesteader, farmer, and hunter.  Fenton was given his first bow at the age of four.  Fenton and his few friends scattered throughout the woods and shot each other with soft arrows growing up.  As time went on the society of London became more and more present in the northern woods.  Fenton became more accustomed to different cheeses and drinks that he could trade for at the small market south of his homestead.

As he grew older, he put his skills of hunting and gathering to use and began to sell furs, rare mushrooms and meats for refined tobacco and foods.  His talent came to be noticed through the town as he always had a bow on him and regularly came in with a large haul of pelts.  He was approached with a rare opportunity to take a trip to Africa to hunt elephants with some other big game hunters.  Fenton jumped at the invitation and set sail to the south.

Part way to Africa the ship’s mast broke in a vicious storm leaving the sailors stranded.  Their meager stores were gradually depleted men began to starve.  The other men had packed rifles with them, but Fenton’s arrows were able to pierce the surface of the water to shoot small fish he found.  With his large supply of tobacco Fenton ate minimally until wrecking into a sharp reef in the Western Atlantic.

Broadhead – 12 tile range 5(3) Damage Arrow

Fenton shoots a extremely accurate long range arrow.  The arrow deals 5 damage to a target.  If 1/2 or less of the target is visible, the arrow only deals 3 damage.

(Note with line of sight, Fenton can be mostly hidden, while shooting at a exposed target to deal 5 damage)