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Flint copy

“Bunch a Cock Robins”

Flint was a prodigal protege of General Sherman.  Flint never knew his birth parents and was adopted by a soldier during Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Growing up in the army, Flint was taught how to load a gun in less than 40 seconds, how to hunt for small game, and how to conceal himself in his environment.  Flint was born and raised as a true jaded American, born into dirt with a loathing of government and most humans in general.

Flint had a hard time fitting into society. Fighting and rejecting most of what was expected of him, he never kept a job for more than a month or so before he got into a row with one of his superiors and stormed out or was thrown out.  Flint turned to scouting the American south east for the military where he designated locations for supply stations and lookout towers in the event of another war.

Flint hopped on boats to go from city to city, returning to various military camps to provide them with maps and intelligence.  Naturally, Flint sailed alone on a small dingy.  Flint’s ship was washed out deep into the sea while sailing back up north.  Flint accepted the challenge and had one of the easiest times acclimating to the Guédé, his anti-social behavior and pinpoint rifle accuracy made for a great fit.

Buckshot – 6 tile range, 4(3) damage shot

Flint fires a lead slug into a target 6 or less tiles away.  If flint can see more than half of the target, deal 4 damage.  If flint can see 1/2 or less, deal 3 damage.  (note with line of sight, flint can be mostly hidden, and hit a exposed target for 4 damage).