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Frederick copy

“I could use a bite to eat”

Frederick was born in Philadelphia and raised as a blacksmith.  Frederick never got very good as smithing, but he did get very large.  Frederick’s father ended up teaching him how to make horse shoes and unbend industrial frames.  Frederick acquired a reputation in his neighborhood and got jobs moving large pieces of steel from shops or to job sites.

Frederick moved to New York to work on the docks to help unload traded goods or fishing gear.  As a going away present Frederick’s father forged him a large smiths hammer if he ever need to find work unbending boat hulls or the like.  Frederick kept his hammer with him always, as it helped as a means of intimidation if anyone ever picked on him at the docks.

Frederick became a permanent employee of the Atlantic Trade Association and traveled with ships, protecting them and helping unload when the reached England.  His ship was raided by pirates in a fierce storm and Frederick was washed overboard.  He clung to a piece of wood and his hammer for three days while he drifted as sea, Eventually washing up on the shores of the Boom Coast.

Kockback – 2 tile push on all attacks

When Frederick attacks or charges any islander (or minion) he will push them 2 tiles directly away from him.  The 2 tile push acts like movement, in that he can only push them 1 tile of gravel, and cannot push them through or over anything.

If Frederick has someone pinned against a wall he can indeed wail on them.

Frederick cannot push Tarlin’s walls.