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Gavve copy

“Try me.”

Born in New Orleans, Gavve was raised by her mother who was a Gypsy that lived in a small commune.  Gavve and her friends became pickpockets and con artists at a very young age.  Gavve got caught several times and beaten by the police while growing up, teaching her to be very very fast.  Gavve quickly became the fastest of all of her friends, her mother said she had jaguars spirit since she was a child.  As Gavve got older, her friends and her repercussions became more and more dangerous.

Gavve started training to fight with her older friend Hans, who learned to fight from his brothers.  Gavve saved her earnings from stealing to by the nicest tanto blade that she could find.

Gavve began to escalate her stealing, sneaking onto barges and stealing from suppliers as large ships docked over night waiting to get unloaded the following day.  Gavve miscalculated and became an accidental stow away on a large barge.  Gavve hid in a crate until it was washed overboard, smashing into the Atlantic.  Gavve swam for dear life to a small light she saw.  The light was a camp fire on a small desolate Island chain in the middle of the Atlantic.

Shank – Deal 6 damage to adjacent islander

Target and adjacent islander and shank ’em!  This will deal 6 damage to the target.   Pretty straight forward ability.