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Gonzo copy

“Want to see a trick!?!”

Gonzo was raised by rabid dogs in the streets of Paris.  He enjoyed the taste of rancid rat meat growing up and survived at the mercy of his pack.  At the age of 6, Gonzo became one of the leaders of the hounds.  But after years of being shunned from humans, Gonzo wanted to play with the other children… and became fascinated with clowns.

Gonzo stole makeup from a circus at the age of 9 and began painting his face like a clown to cover his scars and bruises.  Gonzo, being an adaptable young lad, learned many tricks growing up, but especially the worst trick of all.  His taste for blood!

Gonzo began to lure other children down alleys with tricks he picked up watching circus performers in order to cannibalize them.  Gonzo grew so good at preforming mesmerizing tricks he was enlisted by a local traveling troupe.  At 20 Gonzo adopted the only creature he could ever think he could relate to, a bear.  Forcing the Bear to wear a Tutu to help him fit in, Gonzo psychologically disturbed the poor Kodiak.

The French government found a stash of human bones at a circus site and tried to capture Gonzo for execution.  Gonzo snuck away by ship with his man eating bear and crashed several weeks later into the Guédé .

Last Laugh – Upon dealing damage, restore 1 health

Gonzo gets a little lick of blood, returning him to his childhood and restoring his fervor for battle!

Whenever Gonzo deals damage with a attack or charge, restore 1 health.  Gonzo cannot exceed his maximum health.