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Grayson copy

“Ye’cud skin a mule wit’at one”

Grayson was raised by a group of mountain men in the back woods of Colorado.  Grayson played making traps with his siblings, and worked on capturing small rabbits and lizards.  Grayson learned at a young age that trapping was a numbers game, running from one trap to another, moving them around to more ideal locations.

Grayson joined the Eastern Fur Company at 26 and moved away from his small isolated cabin in the mountains.  Grayson had the endurance and speed from living at altitude to quickly become a master trapper.  Grayson grew older and nimbler as time went on, making him more cunning then he had imagined.

At 45 Grayson preformed his first live trap.  When cornered by a mountain lion Grayson swung a active trap on a chain and snapped it on the lions fore arm.  Grayson realized that the traps were more than traps… they were also weapons.

On a routine fur trade run to Canada Grayson’s ship became lost and he shipwrecked into a small rocky island Chain.

Bear Trap – 4 damage snare

Bear trap is one of the more complicated abilities in Forlorn.  Grayson can lay down traps and also may pack up previously placed traps.  Laying down a trap uses a brine, packing up a trap recovers a brine.

Traps do no block line of sight.  If anyone apart from Grayson is on or adjacent to a trap it activates.  When activated it deals 4 damage to Islanders that are on or adjacent to it and it snares them.  A snare, means that they cannot move during their turn but attacks and non movement based abilities are still allowed.

If Grayson places a trap directly on opponents, it snares immediately and the opponents cannot move during their next turn!

Traps can be used passively or actively, to block paths off or be laid upon opponents!  Staying mobile and moving traps where necessary can provide great map control.