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Harrison copy

“Yaaaw, Im here ya’ goat skrodes!”

Harrison was raised in the foothills of Scotland to a pair of goat farmers.  Harrison was a curious young girl and explored all over the mountains and lakes.  When she was young, her parents took her to visit lake Loch Ness.

Harrison loved to swim and dive and when she grew older, the lore and the spirit of diving got her a job in a Scottish Debris crew in the Edinburgh marina.  Harrison, saved her pennies and bought her own scuba suit.

Growing older she heard stories of a small Island chain in the Western Atlantic.  Taking a crew of adventurous young sailors,  Harrison set sail to the closest located area.

Harrison could not find the Islands for years, and got a odd jobs up and down the east coast of America.  When she was 35, Harrison was on a crab fishing crew which became lost in a deep fog.  Harrison, was overcome with excitement and strapped on her dive gear.  Her time was now, and with a treacherous crash her ship exploded on a reef near a small forsaken archipelago in the western Atlantic.

Harpoon – 6 tile dive, dealing 3 (2) damage.

Harrison shoots an Islander or a rock with her debris anchor harpoon.  A CO2 tank fires to shoot the harpoon and a second tank engages to yank Harrison towards the target.

Harrison can target Islanders or rocks within 6 tile spaces.  She’ll fly towards the target ending up on the nearest adjacent tile space.  If she shoots an islander it will deal 3 damage, unless she can only she 1/2 or less of them, then it will deal 2 damage.