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Huetter copy

“*Slurp* Mmmmm, would you like some?”

Huetter was born on the Guédé to a mother that died after 2 months of fostering the baby.  Hiding in the caracas of his mother, Huetter grew a knack for the blood of creatures.  Huetter learned that hiding and coming to vulture on the carrion of dead Islanders could sustain a child.  Little is known about the creature Huetter apart from the fact he seems to be able to gain strength from the blood of others.

Leech – Steal 3 health, Negates armor

Heutter begins suckling on a Islander adjacent to him, sucking away three health and gaining up to three health.  Huetter only has 12 health but has three actions.  He can chew through tanks and Sailors effectively but be careful about him being killed in a single turn.

Huetter can got to -1 action and then recover from that with leech.