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jovan copy

“Sprekken, frazzle Tek!”

Jovan was born in Ireland to Lt. Patrick Fitzgerald.  When Jovan was five the Second Boer war began in South Africa.  Him and his mother moved close to the  front lines only to be overrun in a chaotic sweep.  Jovan was taken hostage by several English men and beaten ruthlessly.  Jovan was moved from camp to camp.  For Jovan, the feeling of helplessness manifested into swinging heavy rocks over his head every day for hours and hours.  Neglected by the men for three years Jovan forgot how to communicate and just focused on getting stronger and stronger.  One day when Jovan was 10 years old, several intoxicated officers thought they would take a swing at the young lad.  They unlocked his cage and handed the demented young boy a wooden sword. Jovan proceeded to beat the four drunk officers to death.

When Jovan was 13 he was found nearly starved to death by a warring Bantu tribe in Southern Gabon.  The tribe realized how unstable the young man was and caged him but gave him a weapon.  When a conflict arose they opened up the cage to release the young demon man.  Jovan was set free on pity of the tribesmen at the age of 17.  Jovan wandered to central Gabon, where upon getting in a street fight, a local french mine owner noticed how unnaturally strong the young man was, and enlisted him in “franceville” as a young miner.

After 2 years Jovan flipped on a co-worker and murdered him.  The french saw fit to Exile the young man on a small raft into the ocean, and pushed him out to sea with nothing but his bloody miners pic.

Blood Wreckoning – Killing an Islander resets actions (once a turn)

Jovan is Berserk, and completely battle hardened.  When Jovan gets the thrill of a kill, his endorphins and adrenaline sky rocket.  When Jovan kills an Islander his action count will reset (i.e. he will have three actions).  This ability can only trigger once a turn.