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Manerva copy

“Vous ne voulez pas me tuer”


Manerva was born in 1802 in Paris France.  From a young age, Manerva’s mother noticed that she had a “unique” talent.  Manerva had the ability to tell what people were really thinking… a distinct way to pick up on people’s emotions that seemed almost unnatural.  Manerva got a job as a teen being a ‘physchic’.  It wasn’t until Manerva was 19 that the french police realized that she had a knack for interrogating suspects and finding out where they hid key evidence.

Manerva was eventually found out by the Catholic inquisition and was burned at the stake.  Her body was pushed out in a small vessel where the charred remains washed ashore the Guédé.  The witch Mama Gabriel found the body and felt the spirit it once harbored.  Gabriel brought the young girl back to life with the blood of Ogun that was spilled on the Islands.  Manerva was resurrected with the ability to twist people’s emotions.

Shame – Make opponent attack themselves

Manerva touches a opponent making them feel and intense sensation of shame and self loathing.  The target opponent will attack themselves once for their first available action.  This ‘self-attack’ is a basic attack that negates armor.

Manerva can pile shame on top of one Islander and the opponent will work through the shame tokens with each available action they have.  Shame tokens remain until they are used up.