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Marcus copy

“Let’s play a game”

Marcus was born In Louisiana in a small town to the local farm smith.  Marcus’s life really began when he was five.  A traveling theatre group came through town on the way to a show and Marcus’s father allowed them to set up camp on the patch of land behind their house.  Marcus came out late at night to see the circus folk around the fire drinking and playing games on each other.  They were magnificent, able to preform tricks of the eyes Marcus could never image.  He stayed up with them until the early crack of morning began to creep over the horizon.

Marcus couldn’t forget that night, and at 9 years old Marcus ran away from home.  When he was 11 he ended up in Boston, where he saw his first street magic show.  Marcus approached the man who instantly recognized him as the young boy from the farm so many years ago.  H.P. Walter was the magicians name and taught Marcus everything he knew.

Marcus eventually surpassed the old magician and was able to do feats of magic where there appeared to be Multiple Marcuses on stage all interacting and pulling levers.

Marcus’s fame grew until England requested his presence for a tour at extremely high pay.  Marcus left his Vaudville life for a small dingey that set sail for England.  He had no idea what was instore for his talents as he found himself shipwrecked on the rocky desolate beaches of the Guédé.

Deadly Illusion – Create a copy that can attack

Marcus uses his most famous trick to defend himself this time.  Marcus places a illusion of himself adjacent to himself.  The illusion has as many actions as Marcus had when he created the illusion.  The illusion has the same physical attributes as Marcus, with a major flaw, they only last one full turn.

However in that turn in existence, they can kill, grab flagons, hold hills, be a distraction, reach out like a long arm, gang up on a individual…

If an illusion is attacked, reveal if it is real or not.  When it returns to Marcus’s turn the illusions disappear at the beginning of the turn.