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Nell copy

“Life is like a Garden… Dig it”

Nell was Born in Canada to the massive X-Slave, Abeo.  Nell’s father owned a small farm in central Ontario where he raised sheep and harvested wheat.  Nell’s father had her work on the family farm from a young age.  Nell grew up quick and strong.

From a five years old Nell was taught how to defend herself by her father.  How to punch, how to use tools as weapons if she ever had to.  Nell grew up with a skepticism about people and was a extremely large girl  making her somewhat introverted.  As Nell got older, she moved to the outskirts of Toronto and realized that she had more in common with boys than girls.  Nell loved digging!  She joined a tunneling crew that dug underground lines for aqueducts.

The crew quickly realized that Nell was by far the most impressive digger they had and moved her to oversee projects all across Canada.  Nell was sailing from Halifax to Newfoundland when her ship washed out sea.

Stranded for Several weeks and completely sea sick, Nell was relieved when they finally ship wrecked onto a small archipelago.

Dig! – Create a Tunnel entrance

Nell Begins to dig one of a tunnel with extreme determination.  Place a tunnel entrance adjacent to Nell on ANY terrain.  The tunnel acts like open terrain and can be walked over. Once Nell places her second tunnel entrance it becomes a working pathway.

Movement action can continue from on top of  one tunnel entrance to on top of another as if they were adjacent.  If someone is standing on the Tunnel entrance they are blocked and cannot be moved through.

Entrances take two actions to destroy.