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Sam copy

“oops, Excuse me”

Sam was born in Boston to a cobbler.  Sam’s parents were gone most of her childhood leaving Sam to do as she wanted to.  Sam loved to play with, eat, and crush bugs.  The other kids often found her with potato bugs and fleas crawling in her hair.

When Sam wasn’t eating bugs, she was building small contraptions to make her more bug like.  Like a pouch that stored a rope with an anchor so she could slink down walls like a spider.  Or a set of mechanical pinchers that could crush walnuts and small rocks.

Sam started her own extermination business when she was 14.  She made her own over powered Gas pack that was able to fill a large building in a matter of seconds.

Sam was working a contract on a boat when the line snapped and set it out to sea leaving Sam trapped on board with her gas pack.  Sam soon found that her pack was good for more than just exterminating bugs.

Gaseous Bout – 4 (2) Damage, Large Blast

Sam pulls the trigger on her hyper powered gas pack exploding poisonous and slightly corrosive gas into the area.

Place a large blast radius over Sam.  All completely covered Islanders take 4 damage.  All partly covered Islanders take 2 damage.  This cloud does affect walls, minions, and tunnels with their actions to destroy.  Sam is not effected by the gas cloud.