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Simon copy

“Goood Gravy”

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to a young doctor Simon was a extremely fat baby.  Simon’s parents moved to a small town in Ontario when he was a child.  Simon grew up very simple minded, and what he lacked in intelligence he made up for in stupid strength.  Simon was able to lift young cows up and move them when he was 15 years old.

Simon’s parents had him splitting wood and doing manual chores around their rural house as he grew up.  They tried to educate the young boy, but he just couldn’t focus on what was being said and ended up chasing sheep around the yard.

Simon couldn’t hold a conversation well, but the neighbors paid him to do heavy lifting or cutting down trees.

Simon unaware of what he was doing, wandered away from home and became extremely lost.  People tried to help the young man to no avail.  There came a time when someone realized that the boy could chop some wood.  He unknowingly joined a lumber company and began to help spilt wood up and down the east coast.

Not really too aware of the life changing event that happened, Simon ended up on the Guédé one day.

Grizzled Swing – Double a opponents missing health

Simon Chops his trusty axe down on a nearby threat.  All those years of splitting wood allows Simon to find weak points and exploit them.

Target an adjacent opponent and double their missing health.  If they were missing 10 health, now they’re missing 20.

Due to the precise swing, this ability negates armor.