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Tarlin copy



blllrrrghhh chuga chuga blrrrghhh

Wolfgang, come my friend we have much to do!  Be so kind as to hand me my toolbox.  This piston won’t unclog itself.”


Master has new engine for work on.  Master has most best engine fix in world.  Master is build anything, big engine, big gear.  Engine is most big engine Wolfgang see.  Wolfgang help Master.

“My 3/4” wrench.”

“Yes –chhuga chhuga Master.”

Wolfgang is not like Water.  Have no land long time.

“What’s this freak still doing here? I thought we were going to toss him overboard.”

Men on ships not like Wolfgang so much but like Master.  Need Master.  Master keep ship moving keep ship going.  Master build engines build walls build trains build ships.  They must like Master.

shhhhzzz am not freak.  Am Wolfgang chuka chuka chuka.

“WOLFGANG my 3/4” wrench!” Master say.

“Well I say you are. You look like a damn train!” sailor say.

“Yeah, I think it’s time to make him walk the plank!” other bad man say.

“Wolfgang, I can’t concentrate with these rapscallions yammering. Would you please shut them UP!” Master say.

“What did you just say tarball?”

Wolfgang smash sailors.  Wolfgang smash hard. Bad sailors make big mess all over engine.  Red oil come out them

More bad men come.

Master smash bad men with 3/4″ wrench.

Now Master have big ship.