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Tidepool copy


Trevor Romagello had always been an adventurer of the culinary realm.  Black truffles.  Foie Gras.  Aged cheeses and wines.  Trevor’s life was a constant search for the most delicious, expensive, and just plain bizarre foods he could get his mouth on.  When he found himself marooned on a small uncharted island after a swordfish deal went sour his thoughts went naturally enough to what delicate and fantastic dishes he could concoct from his new found home.

Mind you, Trevor was one to live to eat; not simply eat to live.  The pond scum and rotting seabirds the other peculiar denizens of the island choose to indulge themselves in was just not going to do.  So he set out to gather ingredients for a feast.  Clams gathered from the shoreline would make up the base.  Interesting green mushroom, possibly of the morel family, to add some subtle hints of umami.  Some scattered seaweed would tie it all together for a delicious and unique gumbo.

Famished from his afternoon of gathering, Trevor set to work cooking and then devouring the gumbo over an open flame.  “Delicious! A fine red wine would be just the thing to tie this meal together.”  But no wine was forthcoming.  He grew more and more thirsty and the gumbo did little to sate his yearning.

Suddenly, Trevor felt a calling from the direction of one of the many dank pools dotting the coast of the island.  He staggered over to the tide pool and stared down into its dark depths.  Slowly, as if in a trance, he cupped his hands and brought some of the brackish water to his lips and drank. Consumed by an unquenchable thirst he drank deeply from the briny depths of the pool.  As fast as he could he slurped the water down.  A dark energy congealed in Trevor as he drank.  Soon all he could feel was the thirst.  And hunger.  A hunger in the very depths of his soul.

Once he had exhausted the pool he continued walking sluggishly along the beach.  No longer with a care of what went into his body he began consuming all that was in his path.

And though the dark magic of the islands changes all new islanders, none have transformed to quite the extent that Trevor changed that dark night.  He began to grow as the dark magic of the island warped his body and ravaged his mind.  His limbs became foul growths covered in sand and shards of bone. His face and torso melted together into a gelatinous mass.  All that made Trevor who he was, his ability to see and hear, his ability to reason, his memories of friends and loved ones, his very humanity all melted away into his new form.  All that remained was his passion for food.

Now known only as Tidepool, the being spreads across the island in a slow, steady, course.  Fueled by the brine, Tidepool continues mindlessly consuming anything and everyone that stands in its path.

Nothing can stop the tide.

Growth – Create Another Growth Tile

Growth allows Tidepool to exchange two actions in order to create one growth.  Growth tiles must be placed adjacent to the heart tile.  Tidepool only takes damage when the heart tile is damaged: any growth tile that is damaged is destroyed.

Tidepool’s heart can swap positions with any growth tile.  In addition, Tidepool can target any unit adjacent to growths as if they were adjacent to Tidepool’s heart.