In the most distant waters of the Western Atlantic lies “The Guédé” a dark and unforgiving chain of rocky islands. Shipwrecked seafarers, cold and desperate for survival wash ashore on these inhospitable islands.  These scared islanders cling together in small groups, drinking rain water and hunting for any food they can find on the islands.  However, something is in the water and after only a few days paranoia consumes the islanders.  Intoxicated by a mad bloodlust, they begin to hunt one another.  Day after day the pale sun rises to watch the carnage,  and day after day, more islanders wash ashore on this forlorn archipelago…


Forlorn is a turn based ‘Survival Battle Arena’. It can be played with 2-8 players depending on the game mode (typically 2-4). There are several different game modes that are played using islanders.  In Forlorn there are 30+ standard islanders in addition to 5 captain islanders for the ‘regicide’ game mode, and sailors for more experienced players. Use different combinations of islanders to develop team strategies, complete objectives, and win games.

There are three basic pieces of each game. The board which is a map on which the game is played. There are islander tiles: representations of the islanders which move and interact on the board. Information about the islanders is shown and kept track of on their islander cards. Islander cards contain material about each of the islanders including health, special abilities, and damage.

Forlorn is a turn based game. One player plays all of their islanders before moving on to the next player. The oldest player typically plays first and turns continue clockwise from that player.

Each player controls multiple islanders. A player may play islanders in any order they choose, but all actions for a islander must be made before moving on to the next islander. No going back and forth between islanders over the course of one turn.