• LINE OF SIGHTLine of sight is based corner to corner.  If a islander can see any part of another islanders tile, they can see them.  Partial is if 1/2 or less of the TARGET is visible. Line of sight is only used for specific characters that mention it in their ability.


  • RANGE – Some characters have a ranged ability which is measured in tile spaces.  If a character has 10 tile range, start counting on a tile space adjacent to that character’s tile.  The target must be within those ten tiles.  So at most a unit will be targetable on the ten ‘count’ in this situation.  For ranged weapons that use “line of sight” range takes 2 tile counts on gravel so that a unit with 10 range may target a unit up to 5 gravel tiles away.
  • ACTIONS TO DESTROY Some Islander created tokens require “Actions to Destroy”, whether it be 1 or 2 actions.  This means that any action that would deal damage to that tile would count as an action to destroy. This includes charge attacks, a ranged abilities, or any other action that would deal damage to that tile including basic attacks counts as an Action to Destroy.  If a token takes 2 actions to destroy, flip it over after the first damaging action has been dealt to keep track.
  • MINIONS –  There are several “Minions” in Forlorn.  Jen’s dog Marlow, or Zera’s Skeletons. Minions can only be played immediately after the controlling Islander has just played.  Minions cannot win game objectives (like steal the flagon or capture the hill).  They can however act as obstacles if standing in the way or on the hill.
  • Zera may move all of her skeleton’s each turn.
  • If the Controlling Islander dies, Minions will stay alive.
  • ANNOUNCING ACTIONS – Sometimes it’s tempting to do all the math in your head and just announce that you’ve dealt 37 damage.  But please, for us mortals, announce your actions so we know what’s happening.
  • 3 MINUTE RULE In Forlorn, sometimes players will end up taking too long to make a move. If this happens flip the 3-minute hour glass and that player will have until the end of the hour glass to finish their move.
  • TRASH TALK AND BEVERAGES –  Forlorn is often improved with plenty of trash talk and tasty beverages.