ISLANDER DRAW  – Players should choose their starting locations, beginning with the first (or oldest) player and continuing clockwise (each clockwise player getting the next clockwise location).  Do this before picking Islanders so players can tailor their team to their position on the map.  For all game modes, there are two basic ways to pick Islanders:

RANDOM–  Players draw their islanders randomly from the top of the Islander pile.  In random mode each player will also have one free trade-in.  If a player desires they may trade in one drawn islander for another random draw. 

DRAFT–  Draft mode is where the player gets the chance to assemble a team of islanders of their choice.  Not only does each player choose who they play, they each also has a choice of one Islander Ban in which a player may remove one character from the draft pile BEFORE teams have been chosen.

Players then pick Islanders in a draft format in which the first player draws a single Islander of their choice followed by second player choosing a Islander and continuing clockwise through all players until the teams have been assembled.


The player with the most victory points as calculated below determines the winner of the game.  Each player should hold onto all kill tokens to make calculations easier.

  • Winning the game mode objective – 5 Victory Points
  • Killing Islander (Captains or Ogun) – 2 Victory Points
  • Killing a Sailor – 1 Victory Point
  • FIRST KILL!!! – 1 Victory Point