The Land


-DIRT (Open Terrain) : Islanders move freely over this terrain, 3 movement = 3 tiles of travel, additionally LINE OF SIGHT is not blocked



-WATER (Open Terrain) : Islanders move freely over this terrain, additionally LINE OF SIGHT is not blocked just like dirt.  However, water has one special rule.  If an islander starts their turn in water, they may forfeit their turn to gain 1 brine, or “Brine up”.  Other Islanders may still take their turns.


-GRAVEL (Obstructed Terrain) : Moving over one tile of gravel costs two movement rather than the one (like for open terrain). Movements CAN be added from one movement action to the next.  Line of sight acts the same as open terrain but ‘range’ distance is calculated the same as movement for obstructed terrain (2 range per tile space).





-ROCKS (Impassible Terrain): Rocks cannot be walked on or passed through.  Certain moves can jump over any terrain, like rocks.  LINE OF SIGHT is blocked by rocks.



-INDICATOR (Guide): Certain tiles will have a grey dot, which is a guide you can use while setting up certain game modes.  Guides themselves do not interact with Islanders.