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“You think these gits are big.”

Born in Plymouth North Carolina Brad was interested in hunting the large animals inhabiting the mountains in his youth.  He bagged his first bobcat by the age of 14 and thought it was only up from there.  Growing up, life didn’t turn out how he had wanted it to as he found himself working as a glorified baby sitter for rich couples while they hunted for “big game”.  

Disillusioned at age of 20 Brad saw a unique bulletin post; “If you want the smell of the sea and the air of adventure, come talk!”  Brad went to a small shack at the pier to discover a whale fishing vessel was looking for young hands.  Not knowing much of the sea but knowing a thing or two about hunting big animals Brad gladly accepted and joined the crew.  On his first trip Brad was yanked into the churning waters by a large sperm whale.  Barely hanging onto his spear, he rode the whale for leagues before it died in the waters and the crew was able to drag Brad to safety.  The captain of the vessel called Brad a natural.  Brad had never felt so alive.

After thirty years of hunting whales Brad made a mistake and hooked a strange looking whale.  The animal was massive, bigger than any Brad had ever seen before. But the most incredible thing about the beast was its skin.  The whale was covered from mouth to tail with scars and pierced with dozens of broken spears and rusted hooks where previous whalers had failed.  The creature dragged the boat through rocks and reefs springing leaks and throwing sailors overboard.  Finally, it submerged into the very depths of the sea taking the remains of the vessel with it.  

Brad, desperate to escape the creature and the deep seas, swam for a small island he saw as as it emerged on the horizon. He finally arrived, hours later, starved and dehydrated but alive. He soon discovered other wayward seafarers washed up onto the shores of the island like so much driftwood.

C’Mere – 5 Tile pull, 2 Damage

Brad throws his harpoon 5 tiles spearing the first available target and yanking them towards him.  Close enough for the kill…  Brad requires line of sight to use his harpoon.

The target must move to the closest open tile space, if it is a toss up it is Brad’s choice