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cryol copy

“Pwoteje vwayajè sa a”

A stem of the root,  Cryol was orphaned after his parents died crashing their pleasure yacht into the Guédé .  Raised on one of the more tropical southern islands of the Coast, Cryol was taught by the grand witch herself, Mama Gabriel.  She taught him the magic of the islands and how it can be used to twist the minds and bodies of the seafarers who wash up upon the shores.

In his teen years, Cryol grew to hate seeing the bloodlust that the dark witchcraft inflicted upon the islanders.  He abandoned his teacher in an attempt to use his knowledge of blood magic to protect those poor sacrifices who are trapped and twisted on the islands.

Blood Aperture – Take damage for an ally within 10 tile spaces

The reverse of an old torture spell, Cryol uses blood aperture to take damage for an ally.  Cryol casts blood aperture on a target ally.  During the opponents’ next turn, Cryol will take all inflicted damage for that ally, so long as that ally remains within 10 tiles spaces of Cryol.

When damage is inflicted, re-direct all damage to the target to Cryol. Use Cryol’s armor of 2 for the damage calculation, and do not stack the ally’s armor on top of Cryol’s armor.