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Drew copy

“Initiate this shit!”

Drew was born in a small town in northern Idaho to a logger for the Timbre Trade Company.  Drew grew up moving and was raised mostly by his mother as they traveled from town to town.  Drew became involved in logging at the age of 13 and began scaling trees, pruning branches and chopping down towering oaks.  As Drew grew older, he also grew stronger and was even able to drag large felled trees through the forest.

At 18, disaster struck when British rebels burned his town to cinder,  murdering his family.  On a blood rage, Drew tracked the rebels east into Montana where he butchered the group of rebels by tossing a tree at them crushing all five of them at once.

Lost and alone, Drew made his way to the east coast where he joined up with a harbor protectorate vessel, the “Death Mark” and began hunting raiders that preyed on sailors and traders roaming the Atlantic.  Drew learned how to be quick; he also learned most pirates have no idea how to swim.  Sneaking onto the boats he would run up behind the fighting marauders and toss them overboard, laughing heartily as they drowned.

Eventually the “Death Mark” got lost chasing a schooner east, deep into the Atlantic Ocean.  Drew’s shipmates had nearly starved to death, when out of the fog they saw land.  Beaching the “Mark” onto the shores the crew spent the night on the island. In the morning they awoke to mystery as their ship had vanished into the night, leaving the survivors to the mercy of the island.

Toss – Throw Islander three tile spaces

Target any adjacent Islander.  Drew can throw this Islander three tile spaces from his location (i.e. he can throw the islander over his head and then throw them three tile spaces).  The toss will deal 1 damage to the thrown target, negating armor.

The Islander that is thrown can go over any terrain but cannot land on Impassible terrain or other occupied tile spaces.