09/15/2017 – US backers have all been shipped, I need to update some photos on this website :D.

07/01/2017 – Fullfillment has begun!

08/29/16 – Production samples have arrived from China, see the blog for a preview.

05/03/16 – Forlorn is successful!!!!  Beginning steps towards production

04/02/16 – Forlorn has officially launched it’s kickstarter

03/21/16 – Forlorn Launch on April 2nd!

02/01/16 – Ordering Prototype boards for reviewers.  Planning the Kickstarter Launch!

11/30/15 – Victory points and a new range system has been put in place.  Range is now in tile spaces rather than the ruler

 10/13/15 – Sailors are here!!  New weak minion islanders have entered the battle field, taking hits and tearing the place apart!

09/01/15 – Beta testing processing, I’ll have updates soon!

04/20/15 – Public alpha testing has begun, lots of work to do.

Special thanks to:

Jen Roundtree, Drew Lorona, Dan Jacobsen, Jack Stransky, and my parents Martin and Jennifer Lacey

Thanks to Testers:

Katie Pond, Jesse Carpenter, Sarah Jarczeck, Reid Frahm, Andy Dorr, Vivi Roesler, Eric Diamond, Suzie Walter, Caroline Rowley, Colin Courtney, Matt Koob, Amy Russell, Carly Baker, Tawny Asher, Jonathon Proue, Jhonnie Naylor, Sam Johnson, Andy and Linda Roundtree, Carina Smith,  Drew Long, Christopher Davis, Samuel Raasch, Colby Smith, Ryan Peterson, Paige Kercher, Alex Satterlee, Amy and Scott peterson, Alex Lacey, Martin and Jennifer Lacey, Jack Stransky,  Daniel Alexander, Nathan Feild, Nico Scott,  Antony Brian Crosthwaite, Ellis Nanney, Karl Lungren,   Daniel Jacobsen, Drew Lorona, Emily Struss, Justin Walker, To everyone who played in one of the Beta groups that isn’t mentioned, Everyone that played at ‘All About Games’ during open test nights, and my best friend Jen Roundtree

Thank you to all of the backers on Kickstarter who helped make this game possible, I cannot fully express my gratitude for believing in this game.

And thank you to all of my friends that have no idea why I play games but supported and inspired me along the way!

Thank you, Simon Lacey

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  1. I just wanted to say what I have seen on Facebook looks great I am really excited to see more and would love to play it

    1. Awesome, thanks Trevor! More beta boards will be distributed later, I just finished the first 4 public boards that I am shipping out today!

  2. Hi,

    I’m throwing a charity board game convention for the benefit of SafePlace, Austin’s battered women’s shelter. Will you please make a donation to help us in our silent auction?

    We’ll be sure to feature you in our list of sponsors, and we’ll do a highlight blog post about you on our website,

    Anything will help: games, promos, artwork, etc. In addition to the silent auction, if two copies of a game are donated one will be entered into our play-to-win section of the convention.

    Last year we raised over $7000, and donated 100% of it. 

    Thanks so much for your time and generosity.

    Molly Wright

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